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As a resident of Guilford, I feel proud to call this magical place the town where my family will grow up and where I will grow old.

As a professional branding expert, I feel that now is the time to consider changing the "mascot" of Guilford High School, from the Indians to something else. With the combination of the town celebrating its 375th anniversary and the high school being built anew, a name change seems a very appropriate conversation at this crossroads of past and future.

My caveat to the following suggestion is that I have no "horse in the race," as the saying goes; I am not personally offended by the name Indians as a Native American reference, nor do I know if a name change discussion has ever been undertaken. What I do know from my professional work is the primary goal of branding: to unearth the true equity of something, and define that something as "ownable."

So what is the ownable asset, or set of assets, that makes Guilford unique?